Marie-Rose LortetMeet the Artists is a new series for The Knitter about knitters who venture beyond the sweater. So far I’ve written about Zandra Rhodes, Freddie Robins, Kate Jenkins, Max Alexander, Celia Pym, Marie-Rose Lortet and Shane Waltener with more artists in knit to follow.


knitting mag 133

The Crafter appeared in Knitting Magazine.

K124_P43_The Crafter
K125_P43_The Crafter
K126_P79_The Crafter

K127_P45_The Crafter
K128_P07_The Crafter
K129_P45_The Crafter
K130_P43_The Crafter
K131_P43_The Crafter
K132_P45_The Crafter
K133_P43_The Crafter
K134_P75_The Crafter
K135_P43_The Crafter
K135_P44-46_Betsan Corkhill
K136_P51_The Crafter K136_
P52-55_Twentiet Century Knits


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